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They've got a really nice selection of Benelli shotguns on hand as well, and I've never met a gobbler who likes a Benelli shotgun...
Marty Fischer
guns, self-defense, ammo, ammunition, georgia carry, handguns, pistol, smith and wesson, taurus, glock, revolver


Thunderbolt Guns Self Defense and Recreational Weapons


Thunderbolt Guns stocks a large variety of Pistols, Shotguns, and Rifles for Self Defense sporting purposes. 






We are a GLOCK Stocking Dealer.  We stock most commercial models in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45ACP.  We usually have fifty or more GLOCK pistols in inventory at any given time.  If we don't have your particular model in the store, we can usually have it for you in 24 to 48 hours.  We are also dealers for the GLOCK Blue Label Program, which offers significant discounts to qualified members of law enforcement, military, fire and EMS.

We have the largest inventory of GLOCK factory and after market parts and accessories in the area.  We have the right tools and experience to upgrade your GLOCK with night sights, fiber optic sights or TruGlo TFO combination fiber optic/night sights. Two of our staff just completed the GLOCK Basic Armorer School in August 2012. Dick Berman is certified by GLOCK as an advanced armorer. All our armorer and repair work is guaranteed.





We are Kimber Master Dealers.  Kimber is the premiere manufacturer of production and semi-custom 1911 style semi-auto pistols.  We also sell Kimber rifles.

We stock a large selection of genuine Kimber factory parts and accessories:  magazines, sights, grips, lasers, .22 conversion kits, etc.

With Kimber's production lead times often approaching six months we do our best to keep the following models, and others, in stock: Ultra CDP II, Pro CDP II, Custom CDP II, Super Carry Ultra II, Super Carry Pro II, Super Carry Custom II. Ultra Carry II, Pro Carry II, Custom II, Custom Target II, Custom TLE II and SOLO. 

Contact us for pricing and availability on special orders. 



We carry two models of the SeeCamp subcompact pistols, the .32 and the .380. In our opinion this is the most reliable pistol of this type on the market. We carry a number of holsters which are perfect for concealed carry of this weapon, including the Andrews Custom Leather wallet holster. 



Smith & Wesson is one of the vererable domestic firearms manufacturers and produces a fine line of semi-automatic pistols and revolvers.  We currently stock Smith & Wesson M&P self defense pistols, Model 21A target pistols, and light weight J-frame revolvers.





Taurus, a Brazilian manufacturer of handguns headquartered in Miami, FL has been a leader in the CNC machining of reasonably priced quality handguns.  All Taurus handguns are backed by a lifetime guarantee.  The Taurus Judge revolver, chambered in .410 gauge and .45 Colt, has gained a huge following as a reliable and extremely effective close-range self defense weapon.  We stock an extensive line variety of Taurus handguns.






Bushmaster Firearms International, LLC, is the leading supplier of AR15 type rifles in the United States. They manufacture both aluminum and advanced carbon-fiber-based AR15 type rifles and accessories and their products are known for quality, reliability, accuracy, durability, and value.






Long recognized as the leading manufacturer of custom 1911 pistols, Les Baer also produces custom AR15 style riffles. His "Police Special" rifle, similar in design to an M4 Carbine, is head and shoulders above competing weapons in terms of quality and accuracy. With a Timney trigger, free floated quad rail, and button rifled barrel, Les Baer guarantees MOA accuracy at 100 yards with match ammo.




We are now stocking dealers for any number for Ruger firearms including SR22, LCP, LC9, SR9, SR9C, SR40C, 

One of the nation's leading manufacturers of high-quality firearms for the commercial sporting market. The only full-line manufacturer of American-Made firearms.



Specializing in innovative rifle designs and handguns for concealed carry by law enforcement personnel and qualified citizens.






For over 50 years the Remington Model 870 has been the gold standard for slide action shotguns.  We recommend mating the Model 870 tactical express model with a Blackhawk/Knoxx Spec Ops adjustable recoil reducing stock.  An awesome weapon system with 85% reduced recoil compared to a standard fixed stock.




Mossberg has been the leader in introducing important design breakthroughs to the firearm industry.  Many product features pioneered by Mossberg are now the standards by which all modern firearms are judged.  It is this basis of unquestionable quality that drives Mossberg to create reliable, well-built shooting systems at an affordable price.













Non Lethal Personal Defense Items:


  We stock Kimber pepper blaster as our premier line of non-leathal self defense sprays.  We also stock pepper spray in other configurations and delivery systems.


 We now stock stun guns, and we will special order tasers.